The Degree Show at Ravensbourne

I was the overall manager of Ravensbourne’s annual graduate showcase. I was placed in charge of a team of over 70 people, most of which I oversaw the recruiment of. There was a total budget of over £60K which I contolled, and in the end it was my reponsibility to make sure the event ran to time and was on budget. As part of the role I liaised with various external companies, presented at events and marketed the show to external members of the creative and media industries.

The show’s aim was to ensure that the every student was seen to the industies that they wanted to enter. The event ran for one week in June and saw more that 3500 people attend, I helped and led the curation of the event, ensuring that not only was every course well presented but the show also reflected Ravensbourne’s core vaules.

Here’s me having a chat with a camera about what the show was all about: