Friday Download: Series 7

I was a Backstage / Studio Runner for Series 7 of Friday Download on CBBC. It was filmed at The London Studios (and was my first ever tele gig)! I worked alongside the Backstage AP who was shooting beind-the-scenes piceces for the ‘Backstage Download’ segment of the show. I worked with many famous faces including The Vamps, 5SOS, Ella Henderson and Pixie Lott. I camera and sound assisted, as well as helped to scheulde and find time in the studio timings to get the talent from the studio into the backstage area. (Which was a lot tougher than it sounds!)

This is one of the 5SOS boys’ performances that I had chance to see!

More revelant to me though, this is one of the Backstage Download segments that we filmed with Cel, I learnt very quickly how to catch properly!